Hurdles to a Successful Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Whenever a plaintiff launches a wrongful death lawsuit, it will be opposed by a formidable team of aggressive and shrewd insurance adjustors and skilled and seasoned defense attorneys. A wrongful death claim is often worth substantially more money than a claim involving personal injuries and since many times wrongful death litigation involves multiple wrongful death and survival damages claims, the potential money involved can be enormous. Because there is so much money at stake, the defendants in your case will expend a huge amount of effort to defeat your case. The defendant’s lawyers will bring in a sophisticated team of attorneys, and will also bring in experts who are adept at recreating accidents. They will also unleash a team of aggressive insurance adjustors to badger your family and any witnesses to the accident that claimed your loved one’s life. Some adjusters have been known to even show up at the funeral of a wrongful death victim in an effort to goad family members into accepting a laughably inadequate settlement offer. They will do all of this and more in an attempt to avoid having to pay for a wrongful death claim. Their defense team will do whatever it can to make it seem that the negligence of your deceased family member was the direct cause of his or her own death. More than likely, the opposition has already mobilized its resources to build a case against the plaintiff before the plaintiff has even begun to look for legal representation. This is especially the case if the victim was an employee of a big corporation.wrongful death attorneys

So it is critical that you begin the process of building your own case because time is of the essence in these kinds of matters. One of the most important components of a successful wrongful death case is the launch of a timely and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident. It is imperative that compelling physical evidence be gathered on your family’s behalf, and that evidence has to be gathered quickly. Accident scenes undergo a series of rapid changes, some due to weather conditions and others due to the nature of the site itself. Evidence scenes such as construction sites or roadways are especially prone to rapid change. Other forms of evidence can also disappear if fast action does not take place. Witnesses’ memories may become cloudy, or witnesses may decide they don’t want to get involved. Any existing video evidence, such as from the surveillance camera of a nearby business, can be taped over and lost forever. The faster you act in obtaining legal representation, the faster your attorneys can begin to gather that critical evidence. At our Law Office, we immediately launch an investigation after being hired. We also sequester and examine any vehicles or equipment involved in an accident, thoroughly scour police reports, seek out any existing photographic or video evidence, and examine forensic evidence. Through 20 years of dealing with wrongful death litigation, we know the vital importance of a quickly launched and thoroughly conducted investigation.

How the Wrongful Death Lawyers at our Law Office will Fight for Your Rights

The wrongful death attorneys of our Law Office have been helping the bereaved families of innocent victims pursue wrongful death and survival damages for two decades. In the process, we have helped those families secure millions and millions of dollars in compensation for the immense emotional and mental trauma they have experienced. We know how painful this time has been for your family, and that you are undergoing an incredible amount of grief. Pursuing a lawsuit probably isn’t at the top of your mind at this point, be we have to stress again the importance of taking action to make sure those responsible for the loss of your loved one are held accountable.

We want to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by any legal action you may be willing to pursue. If you let the wrongful death lawyers with our Law Office act as your legal representatives, we can take the cumbersome legal process off of your already overloaded plate and help you recover financially so you can focus on healing emotionally from your loss. As stated previously, we have secured millions and millions of dollars in compensation for hundreds of families who have suffered the same kind of unspeakable loss your family has incurred. We have opposed in a trial, and defeated, every major insurance company in the United States. These insurance providers are very familiar with our top-notch attorneys, know our reputation, and track record of winning cases. Because of this, these insurance companies will oftentimes choose to offer our clients a fair and just settlement offer rather than risk losing a great deal more money by taking us on in court. When this occurs, it enables our clients to avoid the stress and strain of a court trial and focus on healing from their loss and moving forward with their lives. If you are ready to hire an attorney, or you just want to have some questions answered, please give us a call as soon as you can for a confidential and free consultation. We will be happy to go over all the details surrounding your case, confirm with you that you have grounds for a lawsuit, and then spell out a plan for getting your family the fair restitution you deserve.