construction-injuryIn San Antonio and across the world, contractors of all types help businesses get specific jobs done quickly and efficiently. However, contractors are often injured on the job, due to lack of experience with the environment or perhaps with the equipment involved. If you are a contractor who is working in an unfamiliar environment, Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund have a few safety tips to help keep you in top condition.

  • Efficiency is never more important than safety. While contractors may be under a lot of pressure to get the job done as efficiently as possible, nothing is more important than ensuring that you go home safely. Make sure to take as much time as you need to familiarize yourself with the environment and the task at hand – even if it means spending more time on the job than your superiors would like.
  • Inspect equipment before using it. The equipment you’ll be using may not be safe, even if the company that hired you insists it is. Conduct your own independent safety tests or checks rather than relying on what the company tells you. Also, collect as much information as necessary regarding new or unfamiliar equipment. • Be aware of your surroundings. This is a good idea no matter where you are working or how long you have been there. Contractors are at higher risk of injury on the worksite due to lack of familiarity. Always have an ear out for running equipment, and stay vigilant.
  • Dress appropriately. In San Antonio, temperatures can be extremely hot or extremely cold. Dress appropriately for the weather, particularly if you are a contractor who works out in the elements. In cold weather, this means multiple layers and having a change of clothes on hand in case you get wet. In hot weather, wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing. Regardless of the elements, wear well-fitted, durable footwear.
  • Report dangers. If you encounter an unsafe situation, address it with the company who hired you. Unsafe situations should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Many contractors may be reluctant to “rock the boat,” but safety is paramount.
  • Get professional assistance if needed. If you are in need of an injury lawyer, make sure to get in contact with us at Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund.

Workplace injury is incredibly common, particularly among contractors. If you are hurt on the job, protect yourself with the best injury lawyer in San Antonio.