One of the most tragic circumstances for any personal injury lawyer is the situation of elder abuse. Unfortunately, elder abuse happens more frequently than any of us would prefer. Even worse, when elder abuse does happen, it often goes completely unnoticed due to the fact that families and their older loved ones did not come up with an adequate plan for the elder’s senior care. Please talk with your loved ones about their senior and end of life care.

An Important Discussion

Many people shy away from talking about senior citizen and end of life care with their elderly relatives because they fear that people will become upset. Still, a personal injury lawyer would urge you to start these discussions early so that you can avoid catastrophe further down the road.

Questions to Ask, Issues to Discuss

Here are a few things that a personal injury lawyer recommends that you discuss with your loved ones before you begin the senior citizen and elder care journey.

What sort of environment does your elderly loved one want to live in as they age? Would they prefer to stay at home until the latest possible moment or would they rather move into a senior living community early?

How much money has your loved one saved for their senior citizen care? Are they worried about having enough money to live a long and happy life? What can you and your loved ones do to help out at this important time of transition?

Have your loved ones begun looking for the best place to live? Often times there is a lengthy waiting list for nicer nursing homes. If they have not begun looking, are they comfortable with you going with them to start the process?

Is your loved one familiar with the warning signs for elder abuse? If they are not, we would recommend that they familiarize themselves with the signs. It is also helpful for you and your loved one to develop an action for what will happen if your loved one finds themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

How will you and your loved one communicate after they move into their new home? A personal injury lawyer would recommend that you and your loved one determine a regular schedule for communication. This is a great way to protect your loved one against the horrors of elder abuse – if your loved one misses a scheduled communication, you will know that something could be wrong.

If you suspect your family member is a victim of elder abuse, please contact the Law Office of Ketterman Rowland & Westlund. We would be honored to be your legal team.