workplace-injuryIf you have a job that is recognized as high-risk employment, you might not be completely surprised if you are injured at work. Perhaps you work on the oilfields or in construction, both of which put you at risk of injury daily. But perhaps your work is relatively safe, and the injury you sustained recently was completely out of the blue, caused by faulty equipment or unsafe working conditions. If you are injured in the workplace, it fortunately does not matter what kind of job you do to be eligible for worker’s compensation if you are injured in the workplace.

The state of Texas recognizes less than 1700 attorneys as Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyers and Douglas Ketterman of Ketterman Rowland & Westlund is pleased to be part of this number.

To become board certified, Ketterman Rowland & Westlund has successfully met this comprehensive list of criteria:

Practice five years: To be certified, a lawyer must practice law in a firm for at least five years after passing the bar.

Show a specialty: A lawyer must have shown that, over the last three years, a certain percentage of cases were taken within a certain specialty. That specialty here is worker’s compensation.

Exhibit expertise: Not only must a lawyer take a certain number of cases in this area of law, but an utter mastery of the code and case history surrounding it must be shown. A lawyer must also show must show that experience within this area has provided education about how to handle these cases with extreme skill and knowledge.

Continue education: Experience is not enough to satisfy the state’s criteria for board certification. A lawyer must also continue to take classes, go to seminars, and generally keep knowledge current and remain aware of evolving legislation.

Be evaluated: Other lawyers and judges must evaluate each lawyer to determine capability in this area of law.

Take a test: Finally, a lawyer must take a 6-hour written exam to determine worthiness of certification.

Each certified attorney must go through the same rigorous round of criteria every five years to remain certified – and that’s something we take seriously.

What does this mean to you? When you come to us in search of a personal injury attorney, you know you have found someone who has extensive knowledge of worker’s compensation in Texas. Our experience and knowledge is at your disposal, and you can trust us to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.