With the holiday season’s end in sight and the New Year quickly approaching, you’re more likely to travel long distances to spend time with friends and loved ones. The San Antonio area sees a high amount of traffic during this busy time of year, calling attention to the risks associated with air travel. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that injuries are the leading cause of preventable death for travelers. During the holiday season, a personal injury lawyer knows that air travel injuries tend to rise. Take a look at these tips before traveling.

Important Travel Precautions

A personal injury lawyer occasionally encounters individuals who have sustained air travel injuries that were preventable. Whether you’re traveling to another city, state, or country, there’s a few essential travel precautions you need to take prior to your trip.

Designate an emergency contact. Whenever traveling, it’s important to designate at least one person as your emergency contact. This information should be with you at all times, both on your person and in your mobile device. Additionally, let friends and loved ones know your complete itinerary prior to travel.

Wear comfortable clothing. In-flight conditions can be cramped and if you need to leave your seat, you want to be comfortable and able to balance. Wearing constricting clothes or high heels may increase your risk of an in-flight injury.

Inform your carrier of special needs. If you have special needs, inform your airline as soon as you book your flight. A personal injury lawyer knows that airlines are required to accommodate individuals with disabilities and special needs. Before taking off, make sure these accommodations have been made.

Air Travel Injuries are Unpredictable

Although you can take important steps to prevent injury, many airline injuries are unpredictable. If you need to access the restroom during flight, sudden turbulence may lead to a slip or fall. When flying through severe weather, travelers have sustained head injuries, fractures, or cuts. In addition, injury can arise from an equipment or operation malfunction or an improperly performed repair.

What To Do If You’re Injured on an Airplane

If you’re injured on an airplane, it’s important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after receiving medical treatment. Air travel injuries can result in a disruption in your ability to live and work, posing a threat to your stability. By consulting a personal injury lawyer with experience in air travel injury cases, you can ensure your rights are protected.