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If you have building issues with faulty foundations or are seeing some cracks and defects and suspect the EIFS (synthetic stucco) was installed improperly, contact an attorney today.

Deteriorating Asphalt Pavement

Deteriorating asphalt pavement is a construction defect that can be a result of poor building material or deficient workmanship. A builder has to know what type of soil will be under any pavement or concrete that will be developed. Soils can have an immense impact on the concrete that covers it. For example, expansive soil can swell and create a tremendous amount of pressure when wet, initiating cracks and deterioration of the asphalt. But deteriorating asphalt pavement can be avoided. A builder and/or developer can perform soil analysis that will uncover what type of soil there is as well as any other issues that would be a factor in determining what construction strategy should be used. More on this website

Windows Defects and Doors Defects

If deteriorating asphalt pavement remains for too long, it can begin to impact the structure of a house. Again, strong pressure from the soil can cause these pavement cracks to spread and also cause window defects and door defects. Window defects and door defects can be as minor as not closed properly or as major as cracks around the frame. It is sometimes hard to establish the root cause of window defects and door defects. This is why you need to consult with a professional that knows what to look for while inspecting your property. During this process, it is important to take detailed notes as well as photos of everything. Your focus is on how to fix the defects, but you should keep in mind that this may not be your responsibility to incur the cost of the repairs.

Mechanical Defects

A mechanical defect is a broad construction defect category and can happen quite often. The defect can be the result of poor material or a substandard product. How do you determine if the building issues you are having are because of a mechanical defect or simply because of poor workmanship? If your objective is to determine who is responsible for the cost of repairs, the answer does not matter. The onus is on the builder to choose a quality product and to ensure a qualified contractor will be performing the installation. If your garage door no longer shuts properly, if your chimney does not close correctly, if your ventilation system is failing, these can all be the result of a poor product or again, a quality product installed incorrectly. It is important to take note of the mechanical defects or failures you experience. With any machine or equipment, the defect may vary based on environmental conditions.