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Auto Defects

Although motor vehicles today are much safer than in previous years, auto defects remain one of the common causes of car accidents. When a vehicle malfunctions due to an auto defect, such as when an SUV rolls over, the vehicle has failed to provide you with reasonable safety and protect you in the event of a motor vehicle accident attorneys - defective cars

The law sets out minimum safety standards that manufacturers are required to follow when designing or manufacturing vehicles. Auto defects typically result in serious injuries to drivers, even if they were exercising reasonable care when driving.

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Common Auto Defects

There are a variety of common auto defects, such as:

Damaged brakes that wear out too fast or do not work at all
Faulty airbags that deploy too early, causing serious injury or death
Improperly designed seat belts which reduce their ability to prevent injuries or actually cause injuries
Poor tires that may blowout
Defective tires can also result in flats, which can lead to an accident. In some cases, a defective gas tank could also start a fire that results in severe burn injuries. Although this list addresses some of the most common auto defects, it is important to remember that all parts of an automobile are susceptible to defects, and any part shown to be defective may give rise to legal liability.

Liability For Auto Defects

If you have experienced an auto defect that has led to serious injury, there are numerous parties that can potentially be held responsible. Automobile manufacturers can be held responsible for defects that occur in the design of an automobile, while dealers and repair shops may be liable for defects in the manufacture or maintenance of automobiles.

When an automobile manufacturer faces a design defect in one of its automobiles, it typically has two available options: recall the defective part or the entire line of vehicles, or face legal liability.

You Have The Right To A Safe Vehicle

An improperly designed automobile often means the difference between life and death. You cannot afford to take the significant risk that comes with driving an improperly designed or manufactured automobile.faulty car parts

The law requires that all vehicles be safely designed and manufactured to ensure maximum safety to drivers and prevent tragic injuries and wrongful deaths. Automobile defects can lead to a variety of dangerous car accidents, such as rear-end accidents.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by an auto defect, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Compensation may be available for your medical bills and any work you missed because of your injuries. You may also receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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